CFAO Motors Guinée Equatoriale is the Equataoguinean subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, the largest automobile network in Africa and the French overseas territories.
CFAO Motors Guinée Equatoriale, "Driving with confidence".

Trusted network of choice for leading global brands

CFAO Motors Guinea Ecuatorial was set up in 1997 and is exclusive distributor for a number of internationally renowned brands: Toyota, Suzuki, Renault Trucks, Yamaha and Bridgestone. It sells a broad range of new Toyota and Suzuki passenger and commercial vehicles as well as industrial vehicles built by Renault Trucks and JCB. CFAO Motors Guinea Ecuatorial also distributes a wide range of Yamaha motorcycles and electricity generators, Bridgestone tires that are especially well-suited to African terrain, and SICLI fire safety equipment (together with related training and maintenance). We also operate a car rental service in partnership with Avis.

Efficiency boosted by a strong local presence

CFAO Motors Guinea Ecuatorial covers most of the country from its two branches in Bata and Malabo, providing customers with great service and reliability.

A dynamic, customer-centric organization

CFAO Motors Guinea Ecuatorial can tap into the entire logistical organization of the CFAO Group – particularly its European storage facilities – to ensure that vehicles and spare parts are readily available.

It comprises a team of over 75 skilled professionals striving for customer satisfaction through a relentless focus on quality and compliance with automakers' international standards of excellence.

Contact Information

Bata Dealership Dealership
Los cocos - carreterra del aeropuerto
BP 127
Tel. +(240) 333 08 35 38
Fax +(240) 333 08 35 39

Malabo Showroom Showroom
Km4 carreterra del aeropuerto
BP 561
Tel. +(240) 333 09 07 69
Fax +(240) 333 09 06 92


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