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Kosmos-Trident Equatorial Guinea Inc


Trident Energy was formed with a focused mission: to unlock the value of mid-life oil & gas assets. These are fields that are no longer central to their owners’ strategic goals but can still deliver growth through applying fresh thinking, specialist mid-life experience and technology.

Our skill lies in finding undiscovered efficiencies to increase production and reserves. We apply forensic attention to detail, re-interpreting subsurface data and leveraging the existing infrastructure to redevelop and re-energise fields. Our activities range from well-work and drilling to near-field exploration.

Where we operate

We acquired and successfully took over our first asset in Equatorial Guinea from Hess Corporation in 2017.

The Okume and Ceiba fields are located in both shallow and deep water in the Rio Muni basin. This acquisition is in line with our strategy: we focus on Africa and Latin America, where our team has a proven track record of success.

We understand the geology, the regional dynamics and the operating climate, and have established firm relationships in both continents over many years.

Candy Vistamar, 1 Planta, Paseo Marítimo Bata, Litoral Guinea Ecuatorial

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