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Since 1996, Majed Family is in business of timber trading and exporting Of logs and swan timber. After 6 years of operation, SOFMAL was Established in 2002 to grow and excel in Timber trade exports.We procure best quality round logs and sawn Wood from across the Tropical Africa to satisfy the ever growing needs of our customers Around the globe. We are from the largest forest exploitation,Processing, export and trader of African Hardwoods and timber In Equatorial Guinea.

Our staff's experience covers all aspects of the wood production Process from harvesting to final shipment from Bata Port. We never lose sight of the strict ecological standards and environmental regulations (sustainability) that must be observed We closely monitor the delicate balance that must be maintained between harvesting our precious forests and preserving these unique woods for future generations.

Worldwide there are numerous species of wood with varying characteristics and densities, but only select locations throughout the world such as West Africa do we find sources of exotic hard woods. These unique hard wood species grow abundantly here due to the "special" climatic and soil characteristics found in relative few places throughout the world. It is from these special hard wood forests that our customers' wood is harvested providing them with logs, sawn timber, sleepers, posts, and the truly beautiful exotic woods needed to manufacture fine furniture,cabinets, flooring, railroad ties, sleepers, stairs, carpentry, house framing, posts, stakes, bridges, parquet and numerous other.

As we service our many customers the key to our success has been that we always treat our customers ethically, honestly, and with respect. This strict attention to detail by our experienced staff ensures that we meet our customers' expectations of providing only quality wood, competitive price,and efficient service. Our motto is that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. It is our goal to strive for customer satisfaction. We feel that "our current customer is our best customer".

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