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BER Chartered Accountants S.A


BER Chartered Accountants S.A provides Audit, Tax planning and compliances, Legal, Financial Advisory and information technology services to clients spanning multiple industries. With world - class capabilities obtained from experience in one Big Four, our experts have developed local and international expertise in audit, tax and legal and specialized areas being computer audit, revenue assurance, Training and outsourcing, control and security to help our clients succeed wherever they operate. Our team members have the passion for client’s satisfaction.

Our vision is to help your organization achieve its vision; to add value to your operations by providing timely, accurate and relevant guidance and services and to strengthen organizational capabilities in every possible way. We are driven by the core values of honesty; integrity and commitment to excellence and this enables us provide outstanding values to our clients. We are dedicated to strengthening corporate and organizational governance to provide sound reliable consulting services and also having a positive impact on our clients

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Calle Acacio Mane Ela No.176 Malabo, Bioko Norte Guinea Ecuatorial

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