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Equatorial Guinea LNG Holdings Limited, or EG LNG, aims to be a world-class supplier of LNG to Atlantic Basin markets. With first LNG production in 2007, Train 1 proved to be one of the fastest-ever LNG projects. Beyond Train 1, EG LNG is positioned to grow substantially, expanding into a Gulf of Guinea regional gas processing hub.

EG LNG strives to deliver maximum value to our Shareholders and to Equatorial Guinea. Through its current operations and during future growth stages, EG LNG will maintain its reputation as a socially responsible corporate citizen, contributing to the development of local communities.

EG LNG's success depends upon the contributions of our diverse workforce from Equatorial Guinea and around the globe. Our international employees bring extensive LNG experience to the Company, while National employees, engaged in comprehensive training and development programs, are taking on levels of increasing responsibility. We are proud of our team's accomplishments to date and are optimistic about the future of our growing Company.

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Malabo Malabo, Bioko Norte Guinea Ecuatorial

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