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FB Services S.L.


F.B. Services S.L is a company created in 2014. Despite being so young, It has acquired the services of a group of qualified and multidisciplinary personnel with more than 20 years of work experience in the fields of Port Management, Material Purchases, Logistics, Construction, and Maintenance.

All this services are achieved throw our competitive personnel and the strategic alliance partners the company has, please see section of FB Partners. Together we have the desire to grow and become a mayor force in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea with the following mission and visión:

Our Mission

Provide reliable and quality solutions

Achieve tranquility and customer productivity.

Maintain consistency and efficiency in our services.


​Our Vision

To be the leading company in Equatorial Guinea in the services sector.

Expand our operations, providing innovative products and services through human talent.

Mapa de ubicación

Paraiso Malabo, Bioko Norte Guinea Ecuatorial

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