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Ipx International Eg


IPX International EG is Telecoms and ICT  leading Internet service providers in Equatorial Guinea.

Our mission is to be the premier broadband wireless communication and facility security solutions provider through innovative research and design works tailored towards individual customers’ needs and enhancing people’s lifestyle and quality in Equatorial Guinea. IPX realizes that service is key - through teamwork and training our employees to deliver professional services, reliable support and transparent communication to our customers.

IPX EG is a customer centric IT Services, Communications and Facility Security Company located in Equatorial Guinea and noted for its excellent service delivery and solutions tailored for the enterprise market in the country.


MPLS Layer 2 and Layer 3 Services, Dedicated Internet Services, Residential/Home Internet Solutions, Network Management Services, VoIP & Call Management Systems, IT Support/Onsite Managed Services, Facility Security Solutions, Firewall Services, Structured Cabling and much more.

Enterprise Solutions, MPLS Layer 2 Services, Managed Services and Facilities Security Solutions




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K5 Carretera de Aeropueto Malabo, Bioko Norte Guinea Ecuatorial

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