La Paz Medical Center

La Paz Medical Center, Malabo , Bioko Norte Guinea Ecuatorial

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La Paz Medical Center

In an era when diseases crosses borders with impunity, it is no surprise that every year thousands of international patients cross continents and countries for medical treatment.

A new world-class medical center, La Paz Medical Center in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea offers up to date approaches to complex medical problems through the cooperative efforts of medical teams providing individualized attention to patients.

At La Paz the patient comes first – before, during and after his hospital stay. His comfort and treatment are our primary concern.
Family and friends receive the same personal attention, as we strive to make the medical experience as pleasant as possible.

Medical tourism at La Paz is focused on the needs of the international patient.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information and would welcome your inquiries.

La Paz Medical Center
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Tel: (+240) 556666156
(+240) 556666154



La Paz Medical Center Malabo, Bioko Norte Guinea Ecuatorial

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